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Simple Renting's website builder will create you a professional property rental website in minutes through a very simple control panel. Anytime you would like to change any content or the look of your property, just visit your control panel and your new design is seconds away.  Your website is generated on your own domain so you must purchase a domain name with web space.  This can be purchased for around $40 per annum with hosting companies such as GoDaddy.Com etc.  You have full control of how you market your property and you won't share a website with other competing properties.

If you have multiple properties, the website builder will put a search engine on the front of the site to navigate between all of your rental properties.  Your website will be multi-currency and you can define your daily or weekly rates.  Currency conversion is automatic or rates can be set manually.
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This service is totally free!!

The professional website generated would usually cost you several hundred dollars and every time you want that content changed or update your pictures, you will pay.

We are able to deliver this service free of charge as we place advertisements on your site.  These advertisements are not overpowering and are carefully positioned.  If you would like this service without any advertising whatsoever, there is a $100 charge per annum per property. If you subscribe to the full booking system, we will remove the advertising without you paying $100 subscription.

To see the standard of the generated websites, please look at example 1 and example 2.  Please see example 3 for a site built with multiple properties.  You could have a website similar to these today!

To summarize, you need to do the following:-
  • Purchase a domain with web space for around $40 per annum (If you already have a website, you can use that account).
  • Register with Simple Renting.
  • Watch the tutorial on our website.  Click here to do this.
  • Log in to the Control Panel and create your website.  Click here to do this.

Control Panel
Main property options
Multi Currency
Multiple currencies can be defined
Simple Renting's Seasons
Define your seasons
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Upload pictures for your site
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Multi currency rates in Simple Renting
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Website menu options
Website menu options
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