Rental Property Website Builder

Internet setup

Internet setup

This is the screen that has the details needed to connect to your Internet service Provider (ISP) to be able to upload your rental property website.

1 . FTP HostFTP Host

FTP Host
Enter the FTP host name as provided by your ISP. This is often in the form

2 . Host DirectoryHost Directory

Host Directory
This is the folder name that your ISP has given you permission to load your website into. In the majority of cases this field can be left empty. Please check with your ISP for correct information.

Tip: If you already have a website and would like to try Simple Renting alongside it, you can put it in a directory of /sr/ for example and then go to the new site by typing:-

3 . Default PageDefault Page

Default Page
The default page is the name of the first page that the rental property web builder will create. Most hosting companies allow default.htm although some may require index.htm.

4 . UsernameUsername

Enter your hosting username here.

5 . PasswordPassword

Enter your hosting password here.

6 . Test ButtonTest Button

Test Button
Press the test button to see if you have a successful connection to the server. If not, you will need to check the details entered here with your ISP.

7 . WebsiteWebsite

Enter the full address of your new website here.