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Gallery Page

Gallery Page

This is an example of a gallery page. The pictures that are shown here must have the gallery option ticked in the pictures area of the control panel.

It is important not to have too many pictures within your gallery as if a menu link at the top of the page is clicked, there may be a delay before the requested page is loaded as all pictures must be imported into the gallery component first.

1 . Page TitlePage Title

Page Title
Set the page title look here.

2 . Gallery Component Main PictureGallery Component Main Picture

Gallery Component Main Picture
This is the larger picture of a frame that is clicked below.

3 . Picture TitlePicture Title

Picture Title
This is the picture title that is entered in the property picture screen.

4 . Gallery Component FramesGallery Component Frames

Gallery Component Frames
Click on a picture to load above.