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Flights Page

Flights Page

The flights page is intended to give the viewer information about air travel to your rental property.

The Attractions, Car Hire and Golf pages have exactly the same format.

1 . Top TextTop Text

Top Text
This is the top text. You can set the look here.

2 . Google AdsGoogle Ads

Google Ads
If you have joined Simple Renting for free, we will place Google ads at the bottom of the Flights, Car Hire, Attractions and the Golf pages to generate revenue so that we can continue to provide this service for free. If you would like the ads removed, you must pay an annual subscription fee.

Important: Please note that Google generate the ads based on the content that you put into Simple Renting and it is possible for you to get competitive ads if something in your text attracts this. For example if you keep on mentioning your resort name on your flights page, you may get ads of other properties within the resort. Also pay attention to the page titles that you enter in Simple Renting as this ads weight to the advertising.