Rental Property Website Builder

Website Creation

Website Creation

The website creation menu is where you control the generation of your rental property website.

1 . Internet SetupInternet Setup

Internet Setup
The internet setup option allows the entry of your hosting information so that Simple Renting can create your website. Get these details from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

2 . Website General LookWebsite General Look

Website General Look
This option allows you to define the colors and look of your generated website. You can also select pre-defined templates to determine the overall look of your website.

3 . Create / Update my WebsiteCreate / Update my Website

Create / Update my Website
Clicking this icon will instantly create or update your website. If we make any changes to components such as the calendar, rating table or gallery, this icon will update your website with these updated components. Your website must be changed for your pages to be regenerated.

If there is an important modification to any Simple Renting component, we will notify you to update your website.

4 . Close this screenClose this screen

Close this screen
Click this button to back to the initial control panel menu.