Rental Property Website Builder

Add Item

Add Item

This screen is presented so that you can add additional items to a booking.

1 . Select an ItemSelect an Item

Select an Item
Select the item that you would like to add to the booking. Examples are pool heat, spa heat and cleaning charge etc.

2 . Item DescriptionItem Description

Item Description
If the above item is "Use my own item description below", this field can be completed to enter your own item against the booking.

3 . Type of EntryType of Entry

Type of Entry
Select if this item added to the booking results in the guest paying or receiving money.

4 . Due DateDue Date

Due Date
Enter a due date. If this date is blank, the payment will be due immediately.

5 . Tax IncludedTax Included

Tax Included
If the amount below includes tax, select include otherwise select exclude.

6 . AmountAmount

Enter the amount for this item. No minus signs or commas are allowed.

7 . Email InvoiceEmail Invoice

Email Invoice
Tick this box to automatically send an invoice email to the guest.

8 . StatementStatement

Tick this box to automatically send an statement email to the guest.