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Make Payments

Make Payments

This screen allows you to enter guest payments. This screen is used to record the fact that you have received a check or a wire transfer from a guest. If you manually take a credit card or PayPal payment, you must record it here.

1 . Property NameProperty Name

Property Name
Select the property that this payment relates to.

2 . CurrencyCurrency

Select the currency of the payment.

3 . Select guest accountSelect guest account

Select guest account
Click this button to select the guest account who will be paying or receiving money.

Click here to see the selection screen.

4 . Email StatementEmail Statement

Email Statement
Assuming that you have a statement document setup in the documents screen, an email will be generated if this box is ticked.

5 . NotesNotes

Enter free format notes here.

6 . AmountAmount

Enter the amount to be paid or received. No minus signs or commas are permitted.

7 . Will BeWill Be

Will Be
Select from the list of you will be paying money to the guest or receiving it.

8 . Select Money AccountSelect Money Account

Select Money Account
Select the account that is associated with this payment. This would be accounts like credit card or PayPal account etc.

Click here to see an example.