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Ledger Enquiry

Ledger Enquiry

The Ledger Enquiry screen shows all accounting entries for a selected account.

1 . CurrencyCurrency

Select the currency in which you would like to find entries. Only currencies that you have setup as payment methods can be selected.

2 . PropertyProperty

Select the name of the property. You can select "all properties" too to find entries across your whole portfolio.

3 . AccountAccount

This is the account that you have selected using the select account button.

4 . Select AccountSelect Account

Select Account
Click this button to present the account selection screen. Once an account has been selected, the name will appear on the left.

Click here to see the account selection screen.

5 . Transaction NumberTransaction Number

Transaction Number
Click on a transaction number link to see the underlying transaction of the entry.

Click here to see this screen.

6 . Booking ReferenceBooking Reference

Booking Reference
Click the booking reference to show the booking details.

Click here to see the booking details screen that will be presented.

7 . DescriptionDescription

This is the item description on the account.

8 . Due DateDue Date

Due Date
This is when the item is due.

9 . TotalTotal

This is the total balance of the account.

10 . Overdue TotalOverdue Total

Overdue Total
This is the amount that is overdue on this account.

11 . Scroll BarScroll Bar

Scroll Bar
Move the scroll bar to the right for more information including credit card authorization messages and numbers.