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Accommodation Rates

Accommodation Rates

This is the screen where you enter the nightly or weekly rate for some or all of the four seasons for the year that you selected on the previous menu.

Choose whether you would like to enter nightly or weekly rates in the property options screen or the property details screen if you don't have the booking system license.

Only rates where the season start and end days have been selected in the seasons screen are required to be input. This means that you can just have a regular and high rate if required for example rather than all four.

Note: The currencies that are presented are those that you have setup as payment methods.

1 . Currency OptionCurrency Option

Currency Option
This dropdown decides how this currency line works. The options are as follows:-

Enter rates for this currency

The amounts that are entered for each season are used.

User these rates to convert against

The rates that you enter for this currency will be used for each of the lines that use the rate of exchange to calculate the rate (see below). This line is a fixed amount and lines below rate according to this line

Use rate of exchange to calculate rate

For this currency, the rates are calculated using the current bank rate and the amounts as entered above.

2 . Season AmountsSeason Amounts

Season Amounts
Enter the amount for this currency. If you choose "Use rate of exchange to calculate rate", the amounts will not need completion as they are automatically calculated.

3 . Rates Include TaxRates Include Tax

Rates Include Tax
If this box is ticked, all amounts that are entered are assumed to include tax. This is useful for easy to remember rates.