Rental Property Website Builder

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

This screen holds booking options for your rental property.

1 . Rates PeriodRates Period

Rates Period
You can either enter your rental property rates as nightly or weekly. The rate component on your website will reflect which one you have chosen. The default is nightly.

2 . Full Week BookingsFull Week Bookings

Full Week Bookings
Your calendar will take bookings for any amount of nights (default) or you can select "Full weeks only" which will only allow whole weeks to be booked.

3 . Arrival / Departure DayArrival / Departure Day

Arrival / Departure Day
By default the the booking calendar will allow a booking to be taken on any day of the week. You can also force the system to take bookings on a chosen day. For example, you can take bookings Saturday to Saturday.

4 . Minimum No. of Nights AllowedMinimum No. of Nights Allowed

Minimum No. of Nights Allowed
Enter the minimum amount of nights that guests must stay in order to book.

5 . Set Minimum No. of Nights by DateSet Minimum No. of Nights by Date

Set Minimum No. of Nights by Date
By clicking this button, you are able to select the minimum amount of nights that a guest can book for a given date range.

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