Rental Property Website Builder

Property Location Map

Property Location Map

The property location map screen allows you to set the position of your property on a map. This is then displayed on a location page on your generated web site.

Please note that this interfaces to Google's mapping software and this service is controlled by them.

1 . Map ButtonMap Button

Map Button
The map button displays the map image as above.

2 . SatalliteSatallite

This button displays the map image as a satellite photograph.

3 . HybridHybrid

This changes the view to be a combination of map and satellite.

4 . PositionPosition

These arrows moves the map position. You can also drag the map with the mouse by holding the left mouse button.

5 . ZoomZoom

This control changes the zoom into the map.

6 . DisneyDisney

This icon indicates that this is a Disney attraction. Please notify us should any points of interest need updating.

7 . AttractionAttraction

The yellow star indicates a general attraction.

8 . CrosshairCrosshair

The crosshair indicates the property position. Once set, and the screen closed, a house icon will be showed when you re-enter this screen.

9 . House IconHouse Icon

House Icon
The house icon shows the position of your property.

10 . Golf IconGolf Icon

Golf Icon
This represents a golf club.

11 . Property PositionProperty Position

Property Position
This sets the position of the house icon.

12 . View PositionView Position

View Position
This button sets the current view. This will be used on your location page assuming that you use our location component. The zoom level and position are saved.