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The bookings screen allows you to find and display your bookings.

1 . Find by Booking Ref.Find by Booking Ref.

Find by Booking Ref.
Locate a booking by simply entering a booking reference and clicking "find".

2 . Find by guest Last NameFind by guest Last Name

Find by guest Last Name
Enter the first letters or all of a guest's last name to locate a booking(s).

3 . Find by Postal/Zip CodeFind by Postal/Zip Code

Find by Postal/Zip Code
Enter the first letters or all of a guest's postal / zip code to locate a booking(s).

4 . Find by Arrival Date RangeFind by Arrival Date Range

Find by Arrival Date Range
Simply click "Find" to show bookings for the remainder of this year. You can change the date range or the type of bookings shown. Types of bookings are:-

Direct Bookings

This is a regular paid booking.

Owner Bookings

This is a booking whereby the owner is reserving the property for themselves of someone else at no charge.

Management Company Bookings

These are bookings that your management company have given to you whereby they would charge you a commission and probably handle the financial part.

5 . Current BookingCurrent Booking

Current Booking
The current booking area shows who is currently in your rental property and their arrival and departure dates. Click "Find" to see further details about this booking.