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Discount Details

Discount Details

This screen allows you to offer discounts based on entered criteria.

1 . Discount TypeDiscount Type

Discount Type
This drop down list allows you to select the type of discount that you would like to offer. Examples are early bird discounts and long stay discounts.

2 . Values below areValues below are

Values below are
Discounts as percentages (show in this example) or amounts (see the options details screen for an example of amounts).

3 . Promotional CodePromotional Code

Promotional Code
You can enter a promotional code that must be typed by the person booking your property to qualify them for this discount.

4 . RuleRule

Depending on the discount type selected, an appropriate rule can be set. In the above example, a long stay discount will only be applicable if the duration of the stay is more than the entered 28 nights.

It is possible to have more than one discount type. For example, a long stay discount can be entered as 15% for stays in excess of 28 nights and you can enter another long stay discount that gives 5% for stays over 14 nights. The Simple Renting will ensure that these rates are applied correctly.

5 . Discount PercentageDiscount Percentage

Discount Percentage
Enter the percentage that you would like to discount by.

6 . CommentComment

The comment field allows you to inform the person booking why they are receiving a discount.

7 . ExclusionsExclusions

The exclusions button will present a screen that allows you to exclude date ranges from this discount. For example, you may not want to offer a discount during Christmas or Easter. Alternatively, you may want to offer a smaller discount during these times.

Click here to see the exclusions screen.