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Charge Details

Charge Details

This screen allows you to enter charges for your rental property. Unlike options, charges cannot be chosen by the person booking.

1 . Charge TypeCharge Type

Charge Type
Select the type of charge that you would like to apply. If there is a charge that is nor presented in this drop down list, you can request that we add that by emailing support.

2 . Values below areValues below are

Values below are
A charge can be a percentage of the accommodation cost or amounts as defined below.

3 . To be paid if stay is lessTo be paid if stay is less

To be paid if stay is less
This charge will only be made if the duration of the stay is less than the entered nights. For example, you may wish to charge a cleaning fee is somebody stays at you property for less than 7 nights.

4 . Charge AmountsCharge Amounts

Charge Amounts
This is where you would enter the charge amount for each currency. For a details explanation of the individual fields contained here, please click here.

5 . Exclusions ButtonExclusions Button

Exclusions Button
The exclusions button allows you to exclude this charge for entered date ranges. Please click here to see the exclusion screen.

This gives you the flexibility to have a different charge amount at different times of the year by entering the same charge more than once and excluding dates from the duplicate.

Click here to see the exclusions screen.