Rental Property Website Builder

Deposit Details

Deposit Details

This screen defines the way that you would like to collect deposits for your rental property.

1 . Deposit TypeDeposit Type

Deposit Type
Select the type of deposit that you would like to add for example, Booking or Security Deposit.

2 . Values Below AreValues Below Are

Values Below Are
Your deposit can be a percentage of the accommodation cost or an amount.

3 . To be PaidTo be Paid

To be Paid
Enter the amount of days prior to arrival that you would like to collect this deposit.

4 . CommentsComments

This button will display a window that will allow the entry of comments for each currency. This will be displayed when somebody books your rental property. An example use for a security deposit would be:-

Please note that we return your security deposit within two weeks of your departure.

5 . Deposit AmountsDeposit Amounts

Deposit Amounts
This is where you would enter the deposit amount for each currency. For a details explanation of the individual fields contained here, please click here.