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Option Details

Option Details

The option screen allows you to define options that a guest can choose whether they would like to have or not.

1 . Option TypeOption Type

Option Type
Select the type of option that you would like. For example, Pool Heat, Spa Heat or Grocery Pack etc. If there is an item that you require that is not in this list, please contact us and we will add this.

2 . Minimum NightsMinimum Nights

Minimum Nights
This option will only be presented when the booking duration is at least the entered amount of nights.

3 . Option RuleOption Rule

Option Rule
Select the appropriate costing model for this option. The options are:-

This option applies to the whole duration of the stay

The cost of this option is the rate entered for the option multiplied by the duration. The rate can be weekly or nightly and is determined in the accommodation options screen.

This option applies to the number of days entered when booking

The person booking enters how many nights that they would like this option for and the cost is calculated accordingly.

This option is a one-off cost and not days based

The option rate that you enter is used as a one-off cost.

This is a free option

This makes the option to be displayed as "free" on the options screen displayed during booking.

4 . Currency OptionCurrency Option

Currency Option
This dropdown decides how this currency line works. The options are as follows:-

Enter rates for this currency

The amounts that are entered are used.

User these rates to convert against

The rates that you enter for this currency will be used for each of the lines that use the rate of exchange to calculate the rate (see below). This line is a fixed amount and lines below rate according to this line

Use rate of exchange to calculate rate

For this currency, the rates are calculated using the current bank rate and the amounts as entered above.

5 . Option CostOption Cost

Option Cost
This is the cost of the option.

6 . Tax IncludedTax Included

Tax Included
Tick this box to indicate that the rate that you have entered includes tax.

7 . CommentsComments

This button displays a screen that allows you to input comments. For example, if this was a grocery pack option, you can type what will be included in the pack. When somebody books your property, they will see these comments against the option. Comments can be different depending on the currency that the person booking your property chooses. This gives you the ability to aim options at certain regions. For example, if somone is booking your property in Dollars and your option is a grocery pack, you can enter grocery pack contents aimed at the American market or if someone is paying in Pounds, your grocery pack items can be aimed at the British market.

8 . Exclusions ButtonExclusions Button

Exclusions Button
The exclusions button allows you to suppress this option if the duration of the booking falls between any of the entered date ranges. Click here to see the exclusions screen.