Rental Property Website Builder

Property Details

Property Details

The property details contains address details for your rental property.

1 . AddressAddress

The address is used for emails and for initially locating the position on the property location map within the Control Panel.

2 . Management Company Email AddressManagement Company Email Address

Management Company Email Address
The management company email address is used for the following:-

Automated Emails

To be able to send automated emails to your management company.

Management Company Bookings

Identifies management company bookings within the system. When a booking is created from your website, if you enter your management company email address, it will refer to this screen and determine if it's a management company booking. If so, you are asked to enter the price of the booking together with the management company proportion so that Simple Renting is able to provide statistics.

3 . Backload ModeBackload Mode

Backload Mode
The purpose of the backload mode is to be able to enter your bookings into Simple Renting that were made prior to you subscribing with us. Backload mode has the following effect:-

You will be able to select and book dates as old as two years within the booking / availability calendar.

No automated emails will be generated and send.

No payment method is requested within the booking / availability calendar.

When backload mode is selected and the save button is clicked, backload mode is immediately set. No website upload is required. Care must be taken to ensure that this mode is switched back off once you have entered your bookings otherwise anyone on the Internet can enter bookings.