Rental Property Website Builder

Property Menu

Property Menu

This is the property menu for a selected icon within the property portfolio.

1 . Mr Property NewsMr Property News

Mr Property News
This icon when flashing will show all news related to this specific property. For example, if you got a booking within the last seven days or an emails was sent by Simple Renting the icon will flash.

2 . Property DetailsProperty Details

Property Details
This icon used to setup the rental property address etc.

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3 . Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions are setup here. When a booking is made, these terms must be be agreed. These terms are also shown on the site that is generated through the Web Builder.

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4 . Property Search Info.Property Search Info.

Property Search Info.
The Property Search Information icon is used to setup details that are used to locate your property through Simple Renting's search engines. If you have more than one property, Simple Renting's Website Builder will add a search page at the beginning of the website. The information you enter will be used to locate one of your properties.

In the future, Simple Renting will create a listing website for members and the information entered within the search information will be used.

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5 . Property PicturesProperty Pictures

Property Pictures
All pictures used by Simple Renting are entered here. Resort pictures are automatically added if your resort / area is on our system otherwise you will need to upload them. For the website builder, it is necessary to upload 6 resort pictures and 6 property pictures.

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6 . Property OptionsProperty Options

Property Options
The property options allows you to specify rules for the booking of your rental property such as the minimum amount of nights that can be booked etc.

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7 . DocumentsDocuments

This is where outline documents are uploaded to Simple Renting's servers. These outlines are Microsoft Word documents that contain special keywords that are substituted with data and sent as emails.

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8 . Payment MethodsPayment Methods

Payment Methods
Payment methods allows the setup of PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Wire and Check information for a selected currency.

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9 . Accommodation RatesAccommodation Rates

Accommodation Rates
The accommodation rates allows the entry of daily or weekly rates for each currency entered within the payment methods.

The choice of using daily or weekly rates is selected within the property options icon.

The currencies are setup in the payment methods icon.

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10 . Season Start and End DatesSeason Start and End Dates

Season Start and End Dates
The season start and end dates allows you to defined the dates which are low, regular, high and peak seasons. It is not necessary to use all four.

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11 . Options and DiscountsOptions and Discounts

Options and Discounts
Within the options and discount screen, you setup options such as Pool Heat and Spa Heat. You can also setup charges, discounts and tax items.

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12 . Import CalendarImport Calendar

Import Calendar
The import calendar screen allows the import of Rentors.Org calendars. This option will not be shown if you have the booking system license.

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13 . BookingsBookings

The booking icon takes you to a screen that allows you to see all bookings that are in the system.

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14 . Property Location MapProperty Location Map

Property Location Map
The property location map allows you to set the position of your rental property on a map that is presented on a page that is created with the web builder. In addition, Simple Renting's rental property search engine will display positions of the found properties on a map.

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15 . Website ContentWebsite Content

Website Content
The website content screen allows you to define the content of your web builder generated website.

16 . ScrollbarScrollbar

Use the scrollbar to access further options if present.