Rental Property Website Builder

Property Portfolio

Property Portfolio

This is the entry point to setup and maintain your properties. Each property will be listed alphabetically and grouped by first letter. If the amount of properties that you have exceed the screen dimensions, both horizontal and vertical scrollbars will appear.

1 . Home Page ButtonHome Page Button

Home Page Button
Click this arrow to always take you to the Control Panel first menu.

2 . Add a new property buttonAdd a new property button

Add a new property button
Click here to add a new property to your rental property portfolio. This button will not be visible if you have already created the maximum amount of licensed properties.

3 . Property IconProperty Icon

Property Icon
An Icon with a picture of each property will appear. Clicking on this will give you the property menu.

The picture that appears here will always be the first property type picture that appears in the picture list.

4 . Title Bar IconTitle Bar Icon

Title Bar Icon
The title bar icon is a visual indicator for the screen that you are on.

5 . Close this ScreenClose this Screen

Close this Screen
Click here to go back to the first menu.