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My Portfolio News

My Portfolio News

The portfolio news screen contains warnings and alerts that is generated by Simple Renting.

1 . Stop IconStop Icon

Stop Icon
This icon will appear when there is a setup error that will cause a problem if it is not corrected. When this icon appears components such as the Calendar and Rates will display an error screen. Users will not be able to book your property(s) while this icon is present and therefore it is recommended to fix the problem immediately.

2 . Information IconInformation Icon

Information Icon
The information icon indicates that information follows on the line. Information shown includes new bookings and emails generated by Simple Renting.

3 . Warning IconWarning Icon

Warning Icon
The warning icon is displayed when something within the rental property setup may cause a problem if not attended to although it is not critical to the operation of the system.

4 . Fix ButtonFix Button

Fix Button
Click the fix button to be taken to the area that is causing the problem.

5 . View ButtonView Button

View Button
The view button will take you to the relevant part of the system for further detailed information.

6 . Hide thisHide this

Hide this
If ticked, the hide this checkbox will hide the warning so that it will not appear in future. It is not advisable to use this unless you are sure that the warning alert is not an issue to you.

7 . Close this screenClose this screen

Close this screen
Click this button to go back to the first menu in the Control Panel.