Rental Property Website Builder

Control Panel

Control Panel

The Control Panel is where your properties are setup and maintained. This is the first screen that you are presented with.

1 . My Portfolio NewsMy Portfolio News

My Portfolio News
This option will provide news across all of your rental properties including errors and warnings. If this icon is flashing, you have news to read.

2 . Property PortfolioProperty Portfolio

Property Portfolio
This is the main access route to maintain all of your rental properties.

3 . AccountingAccounting

This icon allows access to the accounting features of Simple Renting. This icon will only appear if you are licensed to use the booking system.

4 . Owner DetailsOwner Details

Owner Details
The Owner Details icon allows you to maintain your personal details.

5 . Change PasswordChange Password

Change Password
Use this option to change your membership password.

6 . Website CreationWebsite Creation

Website Creation
The main web builder creation services can be found here.

7 . Member's Area ButtonMember's Area Button

Member's Area Button
Use this button to go back to the Member's Area.